Effective: December 06, 2019


I hereby attest that I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions Of
Use and Privacy Policy and agree that both legal agreements supersede any and all other
agreements, written, oral or implied between myself and Realkam, LLC.
I certify that I am an independent Tutor and I am not an employee of Realkam, LLC.
I agree that I am solely responsible for my account including but not limited to
compliance of all Local, State, Federal laws and payments of all such taxes, fees and
permits for all persons and transactions using my account.

I agree and give full consent and authorization to pay $98.00* according to the card
issuer agreement.

I hereby agree and give full consent and pre-authorization to pay $98.00 thereafter once
every calendar month as ongoing subscription fees for my unique listing on the platform
and agree to pay a 10% Transaction/Admin fee on each payment transaction for every
webinar sold using this platform.

I acknowledge that all Subscription and Fees paid are non-refundable.

I have the right to cancel future billings at any time and close my account.
I acknowledge that I must send an email using “contact us” link requesting a
Cancellation and effectively Close My Account.

*Please note that prices and charges associated with this Service are set out in U.S. dollars. Payments may be processed on behalf
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to the third party payment processor. Personal information that you submit during the payment process is subject to our Privacy
Statement. RealKam, LLC reserves the right to change the prices, fees and charges associated with the Service at any time with
written notice. We reserve the right at any time to reject, cancel or terminate any transaction.